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Rocco Amoroso Cup - Over 40's Divisions

Rocco Amoroso Cup - State Cup Rules - 2011-2012

A. ENYSSA Cup competitions - Rules and Regulations for ALL Cups:

  1. The cup is the property of the Eastern New York State Soccer Association
  2. The entire control and management of the competition shall be vested in the Cup Committee, which is to be appointed annually.
  3. The cup shall be competed for annually.
  4. The competition shall be MANDATORY for all clubs, which are in good standing and affiliated, directly or indirectly, with this Association in the respective Cup Division.
  5. The cup Committee may reject the entry of any club with the approval of the General Committee.
  6. The cup Committee shall make a draw for the cup. It shall have the power to make the draw in the early rounds by geographical districts, or otherwise as they deem advisable.
  7. No State cups to be held in another state (Unless both teams agree and approved by the Cup supervisor)
  8. The number of teams, representing each league, and the teams eligible to participate, shall be determined annually, with the approval of the General Committee.

Notes on Cup Competition:
All cup competition conducted by this Association shall be open to all clubs that have registered players.


  1. The games shall start at the scheduled time unless the referee insists on extra time in order that certain existing conditions are rectified.
  2. A club responsible for the late start of a cup match may be subject to possible fines at the discretion of the Cup Committee.
  3. Referee must wait the 30 minutes before calling game off.
  4. Each club must take every precaution to keep grounds in playing condition. If necessary, either club may apply to the Cup Committee Secretary, and the Secretary shall require the referee, or some other authorized person, to examine the grounds and decide as to its fitness for play in sufficient time to save the expense being incurred by unnecessary travel of the club.
  5. Goal nets and corner flags, which are to be at least five (5) feet in height, must be used in all games in the competition.
  6. The duration of the match shall be two (2) equal halves of forty-five (45) minutes each. In case of a tie, no overtime. Matches will go straight to Kicks from the penalty spot, which shall be taken in accordance to the Laws of USSF/FIFA
  7. If a match is played to conclusion, it must go into the records as a cup game.
  8. Each club, playing in competition, must, prior to game time, notify its opponents of the colors of its uniform. The home team and away team, in addition, must notify each other about the location and direction of the field and, if available, the location of the dressing rooms. If a team cannot get in touch with the other team you must notify the cup supervisor.
  9. If the colors of the two competing teams are identical, or almost identical, the home club must change its uniform. Goalkeepers must wear colors, which distinguish them from other players and the Referees.
  10. Postponed matches must be played within 3 weeks. Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association cup matches shall take precedence over all other games except the National Cups conducted under the auspices of the U.S.A.S.A./U.S.S.F.

Notes on Uniform Numbers:
All players participating in team and select team games under the jurisdiction of this Association shall wear numbers on the back and front of their uniforms. These numbers shall be at least six (6) and four (4) inches in height, respectively, and must be listed on the roster together with the number of the player pass.

Notes on Team Captain Identification:
The Captain of a team shall wear an armband for identification purposes.


  1. All players participating in any and all games under the jurisdiction of this Association must produce player passes, valid for the current season. The passes must be handed to the referee before the start of the game.
  2. Any team, failing to produce player passes, forfeits the game.
  3. A player, to be eligible in the semi-final and/or final games, must be registered and roster prior to April 15 of the current seasonal year.
  4. A player shall not be allowed to play for more than one (1) competing club, but the players of each representative team may be changed during the series of the games.
  5. A player who has been suspended may play in postponed, drawn or replayed matches only after his/her term of suspension has expired.
  6. The Cup Committee shall have the power to disqualify any competing clubs, players or player of any competing club, who may have been proved guilty of any breach of any of the rules of this Association.
  7. Players sent off the field by the referee cannot be substituted for.
  8. A player, suspended by his/her league, is not eligible to participate in cup games while under suspension.

Notes on Player Passes:
To be eligible to play in any and all games under the jurisdiction of this Association, each player must produce a player pass valid for the current seasonal year. Such passes will be supplied by the Registration Committee of this Association upon presentation of the properly completed registration documents. Regulations pertaining to player passes are as follows:

  1. Player passes must be handed to the referee before the commencement of the game. Any team that fails to produce the required player passes shall forfeit the game.
  2. All player passes are property of this Association and must be returned upon request.
  3. If a pass is lost, a new pass must be issued before the player is again eligible to play.
  4. During a playing season, clubs signing players properly released from another club must obtain a revalidated or a new player pass. Clubs who release players must send the player’s passes to the league registrar.

Junior Players/Players on Amateur Loans

  • Five junior players can play on an amateur team at one time in accordance with the U.S.S.F., U.S.A.S.A., and U.S.Y.S.A. rules for league games only.
  • Players on junior permission or amateur loans cannot participate in the state cups.



  1. Each team coach must be in possession of a Supervisor’s Coach’s pass issued by the registrar of the E.N.Y.S.A.S.A. with his/her picture, name, address, telephone number and signature. Prior to the start of a game, if a team does not have a person in possession of a valid coach’s/supervisor’s pass, the referee will not permit the game to be played.
  2. A team may be issued a maximum of three (3) validated coach’s/supervisor’s passes.


  1. The Referee appointed to the match shall not be, nor have been in the past a member of either of the competing teams. The club on whose grounds the match takes place shall pay the fee and traveling expenses of all officials appointed by the Cup Committee to any match prior to the final match.
  2. The referee shall have the power to decide as to the fitness of the grounds. The Laws of the Game define the duties of the Referee and Assistant Referees.
  3. If the appointed Referee fails to fulfill his/her engagement the captains of the competing teams must agree upon a referee for the game. Where there are official Assistant Referees, the first Assistant Referees shall take charge of the game. The same provision will apply in case a Referee is taken sick during a match.
  4. The Referee shall have the power during the game to deal with players guilty of violent conduct, of on using threatening or abusive language. The Referee shall forward the name of the offender, together with the pass to the Cup Commissioner within 48 hours.
  5. If a Referee, without proper notice to the Cup Committee, is absent from a game to which the Referee has been appointed then the Referee shall be liable for punishment.
  6. Where a game is postponed, the Referee, upon appearance, shall be entitled to his/her expenses. In case of forfeited games, the Referee, upon appearance, shall be entitled to his/her full fee and expenses.
  7. The Referee shall forward to the Cup Committee the result of each match played, a list of players participating therein, and all particulars pertaining to the match within two (2) days after the game.


Referee Fees 2011-2012

**The Referee fee MUST be paid prior to start of the game**

Cup Division Ref / AR Amount $
Amoroso Cup O-40 Division Referee $70.00
Amoroso Cup O-40 Division Assistant Referee $45.00


  1. Disputes and protests, as well as questions relating to the qualifications of competitors, or to the interpretation of the rules, shall be referred to the Cup Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding on both clubs. Every protest must be made in writing and must specify the basis on which it is lodged. Two (2) copies of the protest must be submitted to the Cup Committee by certified or registered mail, accompanied by the appropriate fee within three (3) days after the match to which it relates.
  2. Any protest relating to the grounds, goal posts or other appurtenances of the game shall not be entertained by the Cup Committee (unless an objection has been lodged with the referee before the commencement of the match.) The referee shall require the responsible club to remove the cause of the objection, if this is possible, without unduly delaying the progress of the match.
  3. The secretary of the protesting club shall send a copy of the protest, by certified or registered mail, to the club protested against. Each club may support its case by bringing witnesses to the hearing, if such is required.
  4. If a member of the Cup Committee is connected with either of the clubs involved in the dispute or protest, then the member shall absent himself/herself while the dispute or protest is being considered. An attorney shall not represent a club at the hearing of a dispute or protest, unless said attorney is a bona-fide member of the club concerned.
  5. When an appeal is made and upheld, the Cup Committee may order the match to be played elsewhere.
  6. If such an appeal is not sustained, the complaining club may be called upon to pay the expenses incurred in arriving at the decision.
  7. A protest fee of $300.00 MUST be included with the protest.


  1. Any club, intending to withdraw from the cup competition must give information of its intention to the Cup Committee and the Secretary of the opposing club not less than five (5) days before the date fixed for the playing of the match. Such notification must be forward by either registered or certified mail.
  2. A club failing to comply with this rule shall be reported to the Cup Committee, which shall have the power to either compel such offending club to pay the expenses incurred by its opponent, or to such action, as it may deem necessary.
  3. Visiting teams, failing to appear for a scheduled Cup game, shall pay expenses for the referee fees, marking of the field and field rental. Home teams, failing to appear for a scheduled Cup Game, must pay the referee fee and the traveling expense for the visiting team. The traveling expense cannot be higher than the lowest expense incurred by public transportation.
  4. If a club failed to fulfill its obligations in previous competitions, the Cup and/or Games Committee can request a performance bond.


  1. This Association shall present suitable awards to the finalists of the Cup competition.


  1. The Cup Committee shall decide the grounds for the final matches and shall have direct control of all arrangements connected with these matches. In the event of tied games, replays, extra time, the Cup Committee shall take such action, as they may deem necessary.
  2. All notices (required to be given) to this Association, as prescribed by any of these rules, shall be addresses to the Chairperson of the Cup Committee.
  3. The Cup Committee, subject to the approval of a majority vote of the General Committee of this Association, shall have the power to alter or add to the above Cup Rules as it, from time to time, deems to be expedient.
  4. All decisions made by the ENYSASA Cup Committee shall be final and binding.


Eastern New York State Soccer Association sponsors various cup competitions. Five of the cups are named for individuals who were instrumental to the growth of the game in this area.

Rocco Amoroso CUP (O-40 Men)

  1. The Cup shall be called the Rocco Amoroso Men’s Over-40 Cup.
  2. No match may start prior to 9:00 A.M. or after 4:00 PM (PLEASE TRY TO CONSIDER THE TIME FOR TEAMS TRAVELING A LONG DISTANCES) without approval of the Cup Commissioner.
  3. This cup is open to all men’s over-40 teams and those men’s teams in which all their players have attained their fourtieth (40th) birthday prior to the commencement of the competition.
  4. SEVEN (7) substitutes in and out shall be permitted.


2011-2012 Cup Supervisors

Cup Chairman Gus Xikis 
Co-Chairman Peter Pinori 
**Please call your supervisor if you have any questions or changes about the cup you are participating. Any changes made Must be approved by the supervisor. (Do not call the Cup Chairman or Co Chairman)**

Rocco Amoroso Cup (O’40s Men)
Alfonso Vargas
(917) 915-3110 C 
(718) 520-8145 W



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