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ENYSSA endorsement letter

The Eastern New York State Soccer Association (ENYSSA) is proud to announce that they are endorsing Kathy Carter for President of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Ms. Carter is not only the most qualified candidate with the strongest vision for the future of the sport, she is a former player for NYAC in our Women’s League (NYMWSL) and in Metro D.C. Virginia (Metro D.C. VA) and Southern California. No other candidate offers the depth of understanding of the challenges facing the grassroots combined with the business experience and proven track record that will deliver results for the Federation’s entire membership.

In our conversations, she has demonstrated a true commitment and eagerness to engage with and give voice to every member when taking in and acting upon new ideas.

Sal Rapaglia, President of the ENYSSA, announced the endorsement last week after he and his executive board met with Ms. Carter and discussed her qualifications and vision for USSF.

Mr. Rapaglia, a USSF Werner Fricker
Award winner and USASA Hall of Famer, has been a pioneer within the USSF in development policy and procedures and obtaining benefits for all State Associations, including the ability of getting USSF to provide access to World Cup Tickets for all States Associations. He has also been the most outspoken member of USSF in defeating the USSF attempts to take control of the States’ Referee Associations as witnessed at the USASA meeting in Lake Tahoe, NV in October.

We encourage the members of USSF to make history and elect Kathy Carter at the Federation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

ENYSSA Board of Directors 

To our fellow US Soccer members



Klaus Mueller ENY

State Referee Administrator

Phone: (516) 796-3342

Cell: (516) 503-6777

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