The Birth of ENYSSA

On Thursday March 25, 1886, The New York State Football Association was organized during a meeting at the Riverside Club Rooms in New York.

Delegates and Representatives from six (6) clubs who play under association rules were present and became the founding clubs:
• New York Riverside Football Club
• West Side Rovers
• Olympic Athletic Club.
• The Pilgrims
• West Brighton
• Continental Clubs

Will M Massey was elected Temporary President and the name New York State Football Association was adopted.
An executive committee, consisting of a delegate from each club will draw up the rules for the associations government. The reason this Association was formed was so New York could play interstate matches with states for a Championship Trophy.

The executive committee will also have the power to select representatives from the clubs in the New York Association to form the State Eleven. On April 17, 1886, each club sent 4 players to prospect park to try out for the State Eleven to play their first interstate match against New Jersey.

Oher states such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts were also in the process of forming State Associations for the same purpose.

The existence of other Associations and leagues is sketchy. However, in the next few years there was a flurry of leagues and associations which were created and at some point within the next 10 or so years disbanded.

In 1891 the following teams were registered to play under the auspices of the The New York State Football League: Longfellows, New York Thistles, Nonparells, Brooklyn Shamrocks.

This league struggled for teams until December 14, 1894, when the clubs playing Association Football once again came together in New York to recreate the organized football league.

In 1912 the New York State Football Association changed its name to the Southern New York State Football Association.