2017 HOF Cellucci, Cipriano, Mena


2016 HOF Rocco Avallone, Joe Brosi, Giuseppe Spiniello


Donato Cellucci ENYHOF 2017         

President, player, coach, groundskeeper and chief bottle washer for NY Hota Active throughout the NY Metro area LISFL trustee. Donato Cellucci emigrated to America Feb.18.1966 from Italy. He joined the Bavarian soccer club u-14 team. Played as a junior until u-19 team. Coached by me; Dieter Emmerling. In 1971 moved to the Bavarian 1st team

that competed in 1st division in German American soccer league. In 1975 after winning the Dr. Manning cup the Bavarian SC merged with NY Hota sc. And played first team till1983 and the o-30 team till1990. After his active soccer playing days. He coached various junior teams in the club. In 1991 he became president of the NY Hota-Bavarian sc. Soccer division. As we speak Donato is still the President and also coaches the 0-30 team in our league LISFL, ENYSSAHOF 2017

Marciano Cipriano

Married to Patricia for 37 years and has two boys, Michael (35) and Daniel (31) Daughter in law Samantha with a beautiful granddaughter Charlotte.

Marciano came to USA on March 15, 1972 from a town called Villamaina about 100 miles south of Naples at that time he was almost 17 years old.

In Italy he always played street soccer but never organized. He was not allowed to play any organized soccer because he had to work.

In 1975 he started to play for the Forest Park Reserve after he met Pasquale De Luca, the founder of the Forest Park soccer club. He was not getting enough playing time so he moved to the Inwood soccer club and played there for two years from 1976 to 1978, at that time Enrico Varani was his coach. In 1979 Forest Park was in need of a Reserve coach and Pasquale asked to move back and he did.

In 1980 he became a trusty of the LISFL. 1981 was elected treasurer. He was the first treasurer to generate computer printed out for all the club statements. He also was an arbitrar and 3rd VP.

In 1986 became a trustee than president for the North Shore Soccer club, He’s current a VP of this club.

During this time he has seen the club grow from 180 intramural kids and 4 travel teams to about 850 kids playing intramural and 20 travel teams. It is now leveled off to about 600 intramurals but the travel has stayed about the same.

He has coached both his kids in LIJ soccer and they both played division one college soccer, Michael went to Northeastern University and Daniel went to Manhattan College.

Currently has a LIJ soccer C license and State D license

He also has been coaching the Forest Park first team for several years, during that time Forest Park has won 2 LISFL titles, two LISFL cup titles, two Cangero cups and runner up on all three for the past season.

He is also a trusty of the State Association, LIFSL hall a famer and life member.

Currently works for Nassau county 

German Mena was born and raised in Honduras. As most Hondurans his love for the game of soccer started young and he played the great sport of soccer almost before he could walk. He played right through High School and wanted to continue after school but German knew the he did not possess the skills to play in the semi-professional leagues. The semi-professional leagues did notice German’s knowledge of the game and natural ability to lead and instruct and offered him a position as coach. German became one of the youngest coaches ever to lead a Honduras semi-professional team. His fairness and ability to coach players much older than him and win were noticed by all.

Times were tough in Honduras and German’s father convinced German to move to America in March of 1994. The pressure of moving to a new country and making a living were monumental but he still took time to play soccer. Soccer to German is not simply a sport, but a way of life. He would go down to Tibbetts Brook Park and Pelton Field in Yonkers to participate in “pick-up” games and formed some strong friendships through soccer. In just a year his new friends form a team called “Friends United” and joined the Liga Mexicana de Yonkers. Besides playing his leadership skills once again surfaced and he was elected assistant coach.

In the first 2 years of “Friends United” wins were scares and they finished last out of 16 teams. In 1998 a few players from his native country Honduras asked him to help form a team of Hondurans. German gladly accepted and became coach of “Honduras Yonkers”.

In 1999 “Honduras Yonkers” won the league championship and repeated this feat for another 5 years becoming the only team to win 6 consecutive championships. Their reputation grew and were invited to participate in city-wide, countywide and statewide tournaments. Their games drew large crowds and they always finished in the top percent of the tournaments.

In 2006 Liga Mexicana de Yonkers encountered some problems and the teams were looking for a new outlet. The managers approached the City of Yonkers and asked for assistance in establishing a new “certified” league. The City of Yonkers offered to help but the league would have to be governed by the team and players themselves. The teams agreed and that night the 20 teams form a Board of Directors and German was voted unanimously to be president and lead their new endeavor. That night “Liga de Yonkers” was formed. The City of Yonkers Parks Commissioner said “Liga de Yonkers would have never had survived if it wasn’t for German Mena.”

Germans playing days were over but now coaching Honduras Yonkers and running the league became almost a full time job. Liga de Yonkers also joined the Eastern District Soccer League to give credibility to the league. German didn’t stop at just running Liga de Yonkers. He saw the need of soccer in the Yonkers Community and became an advocate for soccer at all levels. He started an over 40 league which played during the week, he started the first women’s league in Yonkers, and pushed back the game times of Liga de Yonkers to give playing time to youth soccer. If anyone had a soccer question or needed help German was the guy to go to. Not only did he work tirelessly promoting local soccer he was also instrumental in bringing non-affiliate players and teams into Eastern District Soccer League and Eastern New York State Soccer. He became a true ambassador for the sport of soccer.

In 2008 German was honored to be invited by EDSL President Peter Pinori to become a Board Member of EDSL and continues to serve proudly.

Honduras Yonkers continued to be one of the top teams in the area and participated and won numerous State Cup competitions. In 2016 they made the finals of the state cup but regretfully lost in close, well-played game.

In 2017, regretfully due to health reasons, German gave up coaching Honduras Yonkers and relinquished the presidency of Liga de Yonkers. He still serves and participates on the EDSL Board, and still spends time on Sundays at Pelton Field assisting whenever and wherever possible.

When informed he was nominated to the State Hall of Fame, he was honored but also embarrassed. Honored to be recognized by his peers but embarrassed for being honored by the great game of soccer when the great game of soccer has done so much for him.

Rocco Avallone ENYHOF 2016                               

Rocco Avallone began coaching as a volunteer when he was only 15 years old as a student at Holy Cross High School in Flushing, N.Y. with the Auburndale Soccer Club for their U7-U8 boys. Rocco was the Head Coach of the Dix Hills Juventus U19 Travel Team (1 Division and Premier) in the LIJSL and ENYYSA from 2004 to 2015. He has coached this team for 11 years winning numerous Division Championships, Tournaments and Sportsmanship Awards. He is proud to say that all his players graduated and currently attend various Universities and Colleges throughout the U.S. In 2011, while coaching the U16 Boys Premier/1Division team, he also coached intramural soccer for the U5 girls for Dix Hills Soccer Club. He has held the title of Trustee for the Long Island Soccer Football League (Adults Men’s League) for the past 5 years. While with the LISFL, Rocco has also served as a member of the league’s Arbitration/Disciplinary Panel handling grievances and disciplinary matters; Division 3 Supervisor; and provides Pro-Bono legal services for the League. He has served as the Treasurer and Secretary for the Italian-American Soccer League (IASL) from 1999-2004 as well as a Trustee for 3 years He served as the General Manager for the 2004 Viareggio Cup Team that went to Italy. Currently serves as the Vice President of the United Youth Soccer Stars of New York, affiliated with IASL, which travels to Viareggio, Italy for the Viareggio Cup World Football Tournament each year. Mr. Avallone is currently an Executive Board member for the S.S. Cosma & Damiano S.C. and player, an adult men’s team in the LISFL, which he founded along with Giulio Petruccelli (current ENY HOF member) and The Petruccelli Family in 1980 and Played for the team for over 25 years winning numerous tournaments, awards, and championships. In 1998-1999 he was Selected to be the Head Coach/Player of the C & D Reserve Team. Currently, Plays on their Division 2 team. 2016 – Assistant Coach for the Forest Park U-23 Ryder Vass Team. 2014 – Assistant Coach for the Oceanside U-23 Ryder Vass Team. Rocco has devoted over 36 years to both Adult and Youth soccer. Rocco Avallone is also a distinguished attorney in New York and Connecticut for over 26 years and a managing Partner at Avallone & Bellistri, LLP located in Lake Success, New York. He is also admitted in the Supreme Court of the United States, all 4 Federal District Courts in New York (Southern, Eastern, Northern & Western Districts), Federal District Court in Connecticut, The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and The United State Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Along with his legal practice specializing in Employment Law, Personal Injury, and Commercial Litigation, Rocco has provided Pro Bono legal services to various soccer organizations including Eastern New York Soccer Referee Association, IASL, United Youth Soccer Stars of NY, ENYSSA, and Auburndale Soccer League throughout his legal career. He has also been recognized by The Association of Trial Lawyers of America for his Pro Bono work for 9/11 victims and families. Rocco is married to Stacey and together they have three lovely children –Victoria, Matthew, and Jessica.


Joe Brosi ENYHOF 2016/ LISFLHOF 2013

Joe Brosi has been a part of the beautiful game of soccer since he was 5 years old.  Growing up in Queens, NY he played in both the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League as well as the Long Island Junior Soccer League with Bayside Soccer Club and then the First Sport Club of College Point.  He played Goalkeeper for Holy Cross High School in Queens before heading out to Old Westbury to attend the New York Institute of Technology in 1985.  In his first year Joe was part of the NYIT  Team that went to the Division II, NCAA Final Four.  During his four years at NYIT he would also win 2 Conference Titles and an ECAC Championship.  Afterward he would stay on the coaching staff as a Graduate Assistant and Assistant Coach.  In 2009, he and his Teammates from the 1985 Team were inducted into the NYIT Athletic Hall of Fame.  He would also be recognized by NYIT in 2013 receiving the John Smillie Big Bear Award in honor of his demonstration of Leadership and Dedication to Athletics at NYIT.  It was in 1985, when Joe was recruited by Pasquale DeLuca to play for Forest Park in the First Division of the Long Island Soccer Football League (LISFL).  Joe played with the Club for almost 10 years before bringing his own team into the LISFL in 1994.  While playing with Forest Park he was a McKim Cup Champion in 1986 and 1990 and a D1 League Champion in 1989, 1990, and 1991.  During that time he spent numerous years with the LISFL U-23 Select Team, winning at least one Tournament Cup for the LISFL.  In the late 1980’s Forest Park was one of the more dominant indoor teams, winning the 1988 Pat Ryder Indoor Tournament where Joe was awarded Tournament MVP. In 1991, Joe joined the New York City Fire Department.  When he became a Firefighter he joined a group of soccer players that would get together to play a few games a year.  They would practice once in a while, play a little indoors, and compete in a tournament here and there.  They had been organized since 1977, however, the Club was in a bit of a lull and not competing regularly.  Having been affiliated with more organized soccer within ENYSSA and the LISFL, Joe was determined to bring the Club into the League.  An opportunity presented itself in 1994 when the FDNY joined up with the First Sport Club of College Point to represent the Club as a Division 2 Reserve Team.  Joe served as Player/Coach for the Team and the Club competed at the D2 level until 1998 when the Reserve Division was disbanded.  The following year the FDNY were placed in Division 3, where they would stay until 2006 when they won the League Championship and Promotion back up into Division 2.  The FDNY has enjoyed much success in the LISFL’s Second Division winning the Joseph Themann League Cup in 2007 and 2012 as well as the League’s Pat Ryder Indoor Tournament in 2007, and the Joe Goldberg Indoor Tournament in 2014 and 2015.  Also in 2015, the FDNY side came as close as it ever was to a Division 2 Championship losing in penalty kicks in the final game of the season.  Having given up the Player role and accepting the responsibility for Coaching and Managing the FDNY side, Joe is proud of the fact that his Team has shown great respect for the Game winning the Gil Beanland Sportsmanship Award 4 times; in 1997, 2003, 2004, and 2014. In addition to competing in the LISFL, Joe’s FDNY Soccer Club has competed domestically and internationally, having represented the USA in the World Police and Fire Olympics, the World Firefighter Games, and numerous charity events at home and abroad. The Team has played in Canada, Australia, Germany, Holland, Sweden, England, Italy, Indianapolis, New York and Las Vegas. One of the Team’s biggest success in the Olympic Games was in 2009, when the FDNY won a Silver Medal in British Columbia.  In 2007, the FDNY celebrated the Clubs 30th Anniversary.  To commemorate the event, Joe organized an International Tournament of 14 teams from around the World who came to NY to compete in a week long competition held in Flushing Meadow Park which was a huge success.  In 2011, he would once again bring International Soccer to NYC, serving as the Chief Operating Officer for the 2011 World Police and Fire Games.  Joe was responsible for overseeing all Game Operations, but of course the Soccer Event was his passion.  He enlisted the help of ENYSSA to ensure the Games would be a success.  With the help of President Sal Rapaglia and the ENYSSA Officials, 8 days of soccer on over a dozen fields were covered by ENYSSA Referees on both Randall’s Island and Flushing Meadow Park  In addition, ENYSSA was able to train and certify enough Officials to cover well over a 100 Futsal games in the indoor tournament at the Jacob Javits Center.  Joe is extremely dedicated to the Sport of Soccer and those who play the Game.  He is the cofounder and Executive Director of the Firefighter Sergio Villanueva Soccer Foundation where the mission of the Foundation is to promote international goodwill through Soccer.  The Foundation he formed is in memory of Sergio Villanueva, a New York City Firefighter and a member of the FDNY Team, who gave his life in what was the greatest rescue in the Department’s history evacuating thousands of people out of the South Tower of the World Trade Center before it collapsed.  Joe has dedicated himself to honoring his friend and teammate as well as the other 342 Members who gave their lives that day.  They honor Sergio’s legacy by providing educational scholarships for student athletes, hosting youth soccer clinics, playing international friendly matches and offering education to ensure that people never forget the sacrifices made on 9/11.  On September 10th, 2012, Joe was honored when he was asked by US Men’s National Team Coach, Jürgen Klinsmann to address the US Team on the night prior to their World Cup Qualifier against Jamaica in Columbus, Ohio, a game they went on to win.  Since 2001, the Foundation has raised and donated more than $600,000 in educational endowments and scholarships to student athletes at the high school and college level.  In addition, they have put thousands of kids through their youth soccer clinics home and abroad, and the Team has traveled the World telling Sergio’s story. In his over 30 years in the LISFL, Joe has served as his Club Delegate from 1994 to the Present.  He became a League Trustee in 2005 and then Delegate to ENYSSA in 2007, a position he still holds on behalf of the League.  Joe serves on numerous committees within the League including the LISFL Cup and the Joe Goldberg Indoor Tournament.  He is the Chair of the League’s 65th and 70th Anniversary Dinner as well as Chair of the LISFL Benevolence Fund.  In addition to his committee duties, Joe also serves as the Division Supervisor for the First Division of the LISFL.  He is currently a Trustee of ENYSSA, having been elected in 2013.  Joe’s dedication to his Club, Country, League and State Organization has never wavered and he will be the first to tell you that he could never give back to this Game the joy and rewards that the Game has given to him.     


Giuseppe Spiniello ENYHOF 2016

Born April 25, 1947 Giuseppe Spiniello Soccer Time Line August 23 965: Immigrated to the USA from Avellino, Italy August 30, 1965 Played first game in the USA with the Cosenza Soccer Club LIAC NY of the Bronx 1966: Joined the Catania Soccer Club LIAC NY, was both a defender on the field and team secretary off the field 1967: Joined the Milan Soccer Club of LIAC NY, based in the Little Italy section of the Bronx on 187 Street. Introduced to the club by a team scout who went by the name of Carletto il Toscano. Stint with Milan was short lived, as the team was positioned for promotion to the “A” division, and the team president decided to release me in favor of an older, more experienced player, because I was too young for the A division. The plan was to have me stay with the club & play with the B division team the following year, while the older more experienced players would play on the A division team. In the end Milan did not win the promotion to A division & I had moved on, finishing out the “67” season with Carolei Soccer Club of LIAC NY 1968-69: Played for Inter-Bari LIAC NY of Port Washington, NY. Inter Bari played in the “B” division. We were a strong and young Club and actually won the division championship.1969-70: Rejoined the Cosenza Soccer Club LIAC NY they were now playing in the “A” division. On the field all was fine, but off the field the desire to start my own club grew stronger with every year that passed. With some close friends, we decided to go out and start our own club. 1970: Founded Giovane Italia Soccer Club LIAC NY with Paolo Bastone. With Giovane Italia I was both Team Captain & Secretary for two years. Although content, in my heart was always to start a club named after my home town, Avellino, I left Giovane Italia to go out on my own to start the club of my dreams, Avellino SC LIAC NY 1973: Founded Avellino Soccer Club. The club was part of my life for almost 40 years. I did it all, team president, player, coach when necessary and even water boy if need be. With the help of my family, the Avellino Soccer Club was a success. I was also able to play with all 3 of my sons who during the 90”s all played on the club. Avellino’s entire existence spanned from 1973 until 2010. We participated every season in the LIAC NY/Italian American Soccer League. Avellino Soccer Club Accomplishments C division championship B division championship Three-time Major Division Champion Three indoor tournaments and 2 Coppa Italia titles 7 time winner of the Disciplinary Cup 1980-82 Boys U12 Cosmopolitan Youth Soccer League USSF coaching D license
* Vice president of LIAC
* Awarded life member of LIAC NY / IASL



  1. Barr George                              NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996
  2. Boulos John                              NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996
  3. Bradley Gordon                       NSHSOF                                                                      ENYSHOF 1996
  4. Flamhaft Jack                           NSHOF 1964 USASA/HOF 2006                              ENYSHOF 1996
  5. Heilpern Herbert+                   NSHOF 1988                                                              ENYSHOF 1996
  6. Hynes Jack                                NSHOF                                                                         ENYSHOF 1996
  7. Lombardo Giuseppe +             NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996
  8. Monsen Lloyd                          NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996
  9. Pele’                                          NSHOF                                                                         ENYSHOF 1996
  10. Roth Werner                            NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996
  11. Saunders Harry                        NSHOF 1981                                                              ENYSHOF 1996
  12. Schaller Willy                            NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996
  13. Slone Philip                               NSHOF                                                                        ENYSHOF 1996



  1. Amoroso  Rocco                         ENYSASA/LIJSL                                                           ENYSHOF 1997
  2. Blazer Chuck                               ENYSASA/CONCACAF                                               ENYSHOF 1997
  3. D’Arpino Livio+                           ENYSASA/ENYYSA/USASA HOF2007                      ENYSHOF1997
  4. Goldberg Joseph *                      ENYSASA/LISFL/Oceanside                                       ENYSHOF 1997
  5. Howard Rubenstein                    ENYSASA/ENYSYA/USASAHOF 2006                      ENYSHOF 1997
  6. Mallios Costas                             ENYSASA/CSL/NYGA Atlas                                        ENYSHOF 1997
  7. Marburg Walter +                       ENYSASA/CSL                                                             ENYSHOF 1997
  8. Marth Fritz +                                ENYSASA/CSL                                                            ENYSHOF 1997
  9. Rapaglia Sal                                  ENYSASA/IASL/USASAHOF 2006                            ENYSHOF 1997
  10. Rochester Abraham                    ENYSASA/EDSL                                                          ENYSHOF 1997



  1. Contigulia Dr Bob                ENYSASA/USSF                                              ENYSHOF 1999
  2. D’Albis Vincent +                 ENYSASA/REFEREES                                      ENYSHOF 1999
  3. Guimaraes Albino               ENYSASA/EDSL                                               ENYSHOF 1999



  1. Cecchi Luigi                           ENYSASA/IASL                                                            ENYSHOF 1999
  2. DiSalvatore John                  ENYSASA/ ENYRA                                                      ENYSHOF 1999
  3. Varani Enrico                        LISFL/ENYS/LIJSL/Hewlet/West Babylon LISFL HOF 2013        ENYSHOF 1999



  1.  Cangero Tony +                    ENYSASA/LISFLHOF 2013/Glen Cove                       ENYSHOF 2000
  2.  Cioffi Irene                           ENYSASA/EDSL                                                             ENYSHOF 2000
  3.  Valerio Jerry                         ENYSASA/Brooklyn Italians                                        ENYSHOF 2000



  1.  Dippolito Gino                    ENYSASA/ENYR                                                              ENYSHOF 2001
  2.  Flamhaft Steve                    ENYSASA/USASA/HOF 2006                                       ENYSHOF 2001
  3.  Vargas Alfonso                    ENYSASA/All-Foot                                                        ENYSHOF 2001



  1. Stewart Lewis                                   ENYSASA/Five Boro                                             ENYSHOF 2002
  2. Treglia Mario                                    ENYSASA/IASL/SSCD/USASA HOF 2015          ENYSHOF 2002




  1. Emmerling Dieter                ENYSASA/CSL/LISFL HOF 2013/NY Hota             ENYSHOF 2003
  2. Pinori Peter                          ENYSASA/EDSL/USASAHOF 2007                                  ENYSHOF 2003
  3. Strumpf Peter                       ENYSASA/CSL/Eintracht                                                  ENYSHOF 2003
  4.  Xikis Gus                              ENYSASA/LISFLHOF 2013/USASAHOF 2007                 ENYSHOF 2003



  1. Bucich Carlo                          ENYYSA/CJSL HOF/CSL/IASL/LISFLHOF 2013                 ENYSHOF 2004
  2. Byfield Orlando                    ENYSASA/LISFL HOF 2013/Integral                                 ENYSHOF 2004
  3. Christopher Philip               NY Pancyprians/CSL/HASL/LISFL                                       ENYSHOF 2004
  4. McCabe Jack +                       ENYRA/ENYSASA/ENYYSA                                                 ENYSHOF 2004
  5. Turchi Consalvo                    ENYRA/ENYSASA/IASL                                                       ENYSHOF 2004



  1. DePasquali Nino                   ENYSASA/NYMWSL/NY Magic                                           ENYSHOF 2005
  2. Lazari Boris                           ENYSASA/NY Referees                                                         ENYSHOF 2005
  3. Mernone Glenn                    ENYSASA/LISFL HOF 2013/NY Hota                                  ENYSHOF 2005
  4. Snizek George                       LISFL HOF 2013/LIWSL/Lynbrook                                     ENYSHOF 2005



  1. Deluca Pasquale                 ENYSASA/LISFL HOF 2013/Forest Park                    ENYSHOF 2006
  2. Dominguez Dino                 ENYSASA/Alfut                                                                       ENYSHOF 2006
  3.  Kleistauber Klaus               ENYRA/ENYYSA                                                                       ENYSHOF 2006
  4.  Petruccelli Settimio            IASL/SSCD                                                                               ENYSHOF 2006
  5.  Varas John +                        ENYYSA/ENYRA                                                                      ENYSHOF 2006
  6.  Vargas Jose +                      ENYRA/ENYSASA/EDSL                                                          ENYSHOF 2006



  1. Armas Chris                           ENYYSA/LISFL HOF 2013/Chicago Fire                ENYSHOF 2007
  2. Crossley Syd                          ENYSASA/LISFL/Lindenhurst                                           ENYSHOF 2007
  3. Mellis George                        ENYSASA/CSL/NYGA Atlas                                               ENYSHOF 2007
  4. Morelli Rocco                         ENYSASA/ENYYSA/Brooklyn Italians                   ENYSHOF 2007
  5. Polumbo John                        ENYSASA/EDSL                                                                 ENYSHOF 2007



  1.  Friedman Bruce                   ENYSSA/LISFL HOF 2013/Lake Grove                  ENYSHOF 2008
  2.  Turchi  Nicola                       ENYSSA/IASL                                                                     ENYSHOF 2008



  1.  Catalioti Nino                        ENYSSA/ENYRA/NY Hota                                                  ENYSHOF 2009
  2.  Tramontozzi Carlo                ENYSSA                                                                               ENYSHOF 2009



  1. Diliberti Vinny                       ENYSSA/IASL                                                                        ENYSHOF 2010
  2. Gulati Sunil                            ENY/USSF                                                                              ENYSHOF 2010
  3. Krempa Casimir                    ENYSSA/EDSL                                                                        ENYSHOF 2010
  4. Malusa Marco                       ENYYSSA/LISFL HOF 2013/Glen Cove                                   ENYSHOF 2010
  5. Phillips Lyndelle                     ENYSSA/NYMWSL                                                               ENYSHOF 2010



  1. Groff Richard                        ENYSSA/USASA/USSF                                                         ENYSHOF 2011
  2. Kovalenko Steve                   ENYSSA/CSL                                                                         ENYSHOF 2011
  3. Sedlmair Peter                      ENYSSA/EDSL                                                                       ENYSHOF 2011



  1. Dempsey Willie                   ENYSSA/NYI Rovers/LISFL HOF 2013/IAHOF       ENYSHOF 2011
  2. Kilby John                             ENYSSA/CSL                                                                           ENYSHOF 2011



  1. Aliaga Cesar                          ENYSSA/EDSL                                                                         ENYSHOF 2013
  2. Garber Don                           ENYSSA/MLS                                                                          ENYSHOF 2013
  3. Petruccelli Giulio                  ENYSSA/LIJSL                                                                          ENYSHOF 2013
  4. Steinbrecher Hank               ENYSSA/USSF                                                                         ENYSHOF 2013



  1. Arana Milagros                   ENYSSA/NYMWSL                                                                    ENYSHOF 2014
  2. Steigerwald John                 ENYSSA/CSL                                                                              ENYSHOF 2014
  3. Trujillo Galo                          ENYSSA/EDSL                                                                           ENYSHOF 2014



  1. Bowne James                         EDSL                                                                                         ENYSHOF 2015
  2. Lackner Frank                        ENYSSA/CSL/Gottschee                                                         ENYSHOF 2015
  3. Valente Vincenzo                  ENYSSA/NESSL                                                                         ENYSHOF 2015



  1. Avallone Rocco                     ENYSSA/LISFL/IASL/SSCD                                                       ENYSHOF 2016
  2. Joe Brosi Joe                         ENYSSA/LISFL/FSC FDNY Flames                                            ENYSHOF 2016
  3. Spiniello Giuseppe             ENYSSA/IASL                                                                           ENYSHOF 2016



All Honors Come to Those Who Dare to Begin, We Began. (Rocco Amoroso) 1998



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