Anthony Doria Passes Away

Created on Sunday, 17 March 2013 14:35
Written by NJSA Office

Anthony Doria, former President of the NJSA for the last 28 years, passed away today. Tony was President of the NJSA for the last 28 years until last summer, when he relinquished his position because of illness.

He was inducted in the NJ Soccer Hall of Fame in 2006, and in the United States Adult Soccer Association Hall of Fame in 2007.

Actively involved in the Bayonne Italians Club, Tony soon became one of the major figures in the development of new leagues and promoting the game of soccer in the U.S.

He helped to found the Italian American Soccer League of NJ in 1960 and he was president of that League for 20 years.

He is considered a Pioneer of Soccer in the United States for his dedication and love to the sport,

He was one of the first individuals that promoted international games exhibition games in the U.S. to benefit the many different ethnic groups.

Among his most successful achievements, he was the first person that promoted a game in the US in the early 1960’s that included the famous Santos FC team with Pele.

Because of his expertise in promoting games, the United State Soccer Federation appointed him to the US International Games Committee, where he served for many years.

Funeral arrangements are being prepared at this moment.

As soon as they are finalized, details will be published on the NJSA website ( and on the NJSA Centennial website (

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